Welcome to the DragonWarriorsEdit

Dragon Warriors from Clash of Clans

Clan Description Edit

Clan type: WAR clan

Leader: Loyal Joker/Royal Fighter

  • WE ARE THE DRAGON WARRIORS! We are an active, nice, and strong war clan. We welcome any NOT rushed TOWNHALL 7+ players to join, however, rules and attacking strategies must be followed or else… U KNOW

Clan Rules-will be kicked if not follow Edit

  • Read and follow clan mails
  • TH 5 and below: difference between donated and received troops CANNOT be more than 55 for 2 weeks
    • Examples: donated 25 received 100→KICK      donated 33 received 70→STAY       donated 99 received 21 →STAY+GOOD JOB
  • TH 6 and above: difference between donated and received troops CANNOT be more than 200 for 3 weeks
    • Examples: donated 235 received 450→KICK      donated 333 received 450→STAY       donated 294 received 123→STAY+GOOD JOB
  • Use both attacks in war
    • First attack: attack mirror or one lower if you can’t take your mirror
    • Second attack: clear, ask leader or co-leaders on which one to clear.If no base to clear, you may attack any for extra loot
  • DO NOT rush, make sure you are maxed before going to the next TH
  • No asking for expensive troops unless it’s for war
    • Expensive troops include dragons, P.E.K.K.A., and dark troops
  • Use the troops required when attacking in war (see below for details)
  • No cussing, be nice to others
  • No discrimination of any kind
    • This includes sexism, racism, and etc
  • Ask leader and co-leaders for advises/questions if needed
    • You may ask questions on general things or how to attack in war

Ranking Edit

  • Elders- earned from good donation rate and war behavior
  • Co-leaders- earned from been a good elder, loyalty, and trust
  • Leader- don’t worry, you will never be

Attacking Troops/Methods for war Edit

Th7 Edit

Troops: all dragons and 3 lightning spells Edit

Attacking Method: Dragons attack ONLY Edit


  1. Lightning the air defense that is not alined with the other air defenses
  2. Start dropping 1-2 dragons at both corners and wait for them to clear the corners
  3. Place dragons slowly in between the corners you just cleared

* Details may vary depending on enemy’s base, ask co-leaders or leader for help if needed

TH8 Edit

Troops: no specific requirement Edit

Attacking Method: Golwipe, dragons attack, hog attack Edit

*Tips: If u have earthquake spells during a dragon attack use 2 lighting and 1 earthquake fill extra space with a rage spell and drop dragons the same way as TH7

TH9 Edit

Troops: no specific requirement Edit

Attacking Methods: Golwipe, lavaloonion, golwiwi Edit


*For all TH: please ask leader for help if needed, we don't want you to fail your attack because you don't know how to attack the base